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Vintage Archive Sketches

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Latest Projects-

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Fragile Strength (Graphic Design)

S/S 2022


This project is a look book creation which is meant to develop Adobe Photoshop, 

Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Illustration. 

Whimsical Boldness (Graphic Design)

F/W 2022


Creating a sophisticated and rebellious collection for Simone Rocha.

We can be affable but intense at the same time.

(Work in progress)

Gosiwon+Parasite (Fashion Design)

F/W 2020

Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 2.31.13 AM.png

In a micro studio, Gosiwon in South Korea. No matter where we live or how much we 

make, we DREAM_LOVE_EAT_SLEEP_SMILE. It doesn't matter where we stay.

Inspired by a movie, "Parasite" and a photographer, Kyudong Kim.

Back to 80's Seoul (Fashion Design)

F/W 2019


In the heart of the big and futuristic city, Seoul, there is still history going on in the financial district.

This market, Dong Myo, has its spirit and this experience put me in a whole different world.

It's old but gold.

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